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Greet the dawn with Percy the Persevering Rooster


God designed the rooster with a built-in clock that enables it to do its job—wake the day, in good weather or bad! Stephen says, “I created Percy the Persevering Rooster as a fun reminder that if a rooster can get up every morning and do what he was created to do, surely I can too!” Percy is carved from a branch of a tree growing just outside the studio workshop. There might just be a few more Percys growing in that tree, but this is the first one offered here in the Inspiring Handmade shop and if any more are created, no two will be exactly alike. Percy is hand-painted with red acrylic accents (which is his favorite color). Percy stands a very proud 7.5″ tall including his base and measures 5.5″ from beak to tail feathers. His salvaged wood base is hand-stamped and signed on the bottom and measures 2 3/8″ wide x 2 1/4″ deep. He’ll arrive at his new home securely shipped from Stephen’s studio. If you or someone you know could use a whimsical reminder to persevere, Percy stands ready to announce each new day perched atop your desk, nightstand, or anywhere else where he can be of service as he reminds you to persevere!

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