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Gorgeous green hand-woven pine straw basket


Patti’s beautiful woven pine straw baskets are a decorative reminder of the interwoven relationship we can have with our Creator. It’s difficult to tell where one pine needle ends and another one begins. Likewise, when we’re truly walking in a close relationship with God, it’s hard to separate the praises and worship from the blessings, as they often run together and over and around each other. Baskets of praise return as baskets of blessing in an eternal weave of love, grace, and gratitude.
This gorgeous, rich green basket is hand-woven and ready to catch your eye on any table or shelf—for yourself or as a gift to someone special.
Signed and securely shipped directly from Patti’s studio. $9 standard shipping in the continental U.S.
Basket size:
6.5″ diameter at top
4″ diameter base
1 3/8″ deep

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